Submersible Pumps The Stalker Pumps Submersible Series are customised assemblies catering individual specific applications that are designed to meet your project’s needs. There are numerous design, construction & assembly options available including Vertical Series Design. Our Sales Team can help provide consultation in regards to the design of these pumps. Basic Design Features:
  • Pump sizes - 150mm/200mm/250mm
  • Submersible Motor Drive Unit - 5.5 to 185 kW
  • Pump Shaft - AS2837-316 Stainless Steel
  • Bearing/Stage Rubbers - Styrene Butadiene Rubber 80 - 85 Durometer hardness.
  • Pump Column Top End Piece/Pump Stages/Check Valve - Zinc Free Bronze.
  • Heavy section castings in a wide variety of materials including:- Marine grade Bronze and Stainless Steel.
  • Cast iron or fabricated steel head assembly including single or high thrust bearings and heavy duty drive coupling.
  • Standard schedule 40 steel column pipe with cast or steel flanges. Standard non oil filled column with grease lubricated bearings both with O-ring sealed flanges.
  • Heavy duty column bearing assembly for multicolumn pumps.
  • Column shaft(s) to AS1443 CS1040 carbon steel with high tensile shaft nuts or heavy duty shaft couplings.
  • Pump wet end - standard heavy duty build with boss or double cover mounting, gland packed or mechanical seal.
  • Ancillary fittings:- Gaskets (insertion rubber), oil seals and "O" rings (nitrile, silicone or fluroelastomer rubber), Fasteners (zinc plated high tensile steel minimum 4.6 grade or AS - 316 grade stainless steel).
  • Electric motors in single and three phase up to 415 volt to suit tropical conditions ( voltage and frequency options available e.g. 380 volt 60hz )
Turbine Pumps
  • Drive units available - Electric motor, petrol or diesel engines to suit application.
  • Column pipe - AS1163 C250 - 450 grade schedule 40 steel.
  • Column sockets and bearing spiders - AS1565 LG2 grade bronze .
  • Drive shaft connecting nuts - AS1565 LG2 grade bronze.
Operating Limits: (Model Dependant, Refer to Individual Model Curves)
  • Max Flow 100 L/Sec
  • Max Pressure 400M/Hd