Past Projects

A brief History Stalker Pumps in its operation of 91 years in Australia has contributed pumping solutions to numerous projects & applications. Some of the major clients we have dealt with include;
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore
  • BHP Billiton
  • KCGM
  • Karara
  • Apache Energy
  • Cliffs Iron Ore
  • Dowdens Pumping
  • SMD Severstal Lefa Gold Mine
  • Jord International Pty Ltd
  • Minara Resources Ltd
  • Mining Company Katanga
  • Tutt Bryant Hire
  • Barrick Gold
  • PIHA Pty Ltd
  • ORH Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Beaver Mining
  • Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mine
  • Supply Direct
  • Hunter Irrigation & Water Solutions
  • Hydro Engineering
  • Professional Pump Services & Irrigation
  • Snort Pumps Australia
  • Keyeng Pty Ltd
  • BCG Contracting
  • Sonic Boomsprays
  • Kelair Pumps Australia
  • Kador Engineering Pty Ltd
  • BCM Ghana Ltd
  • G&G Mining
A few of the recent projects Stalker Pumps has been a part of include:
  • Rio Tinto – West Angelas Deposit A Integrated Dewatering Project (2011)
  • Apache Energy – Varanus Island Firewater Upgrade (2012)
  • Barrick Gold – Granny Smith Dewatering Project (2012)
  • Beaver Mining – Oceanagold – Didipio Project (2012)

  • Karara – Karara Iron Ore Project (2012)
  • Rio Tinto – Section Seven to North Deposit Pipeline (2012)
  • SMD Severstal – Lefa Corridor Project (2014)
  • Cliffs Iron Ore – Koolyanobbing Chloride Minimisation Project (2014)
A brief description of some recent projects Stalker Pumps has been involved with can be seen here:

SMD Severstal – Lefa Corridor Project

Application: Open Cut Mine Dewatering Description of the customised solution specific to this project & application: Two x STALKER Model APC8400 SHD auto prime heavy-duty 200×150-500SHD centrifugal pump assembly direct coupled to a CAT C15, water cooled, turbo charged diesel engine were supplied. The pump construction was of all ductile iron, a H3B stainless steel [Read more]

Cliffs Iron Ore Project

Application: Wash Pond Recycle Pumps 4 x Customised Packaged ISO Pumping Systems were designed to meet the customers specification also including the suction line; floating offtake & the duplex basket strainer in the package. The Pumping systems included various size ISO pumps of various materials suited to the water conditions, mounted to galvanised fabricated frames [Read more]