LSH Series


The LSH Series contains the Stalker Lowlift, Semi-Highlift & Highlift Range Pump’s. The LSH Series’ are manufactured in Western Australia to the highest quality, employing the best engineering practices available. These models are widely used irrigation; water transfer; agricultural and fire fighting applications.

Applications & Options:

  • Available as standard direct coupled units suitable for direct coupling or pulley driven by electric motors, petrol or diesel engines and hydraulic motors.
  • Manufactured for close coupling to electric motors.
  • Suitable for pumping clean water, sea water, raw water, process water, waste water.
  • Supplied as stand-alone units or coupled to the drive of your choice.
  • Mounted base frame if required.
  • Can be configured to suit a wide variety of application conditions which are not catered for by other manufacturers.
  • Consumable material options available for high tensile fasteners, high grade material O-rings, oil seals and mechanical seals.
  • Various material options.


Operating Limits: (Model Dependent, Refer to Individual Model Curves)

  • Max Flow 40 L/Sec
  • Max Pressure 100 M/Hd